Attorney General
is part of the United States Federal Government.
Don't ask; asking only helps the terrorists.
If you work hard, you'll get ahead as an
Attorney General

Attorney General is a very tough job. Not just hard, but tough.

Greatest Attorney GeneralsEdit

While it is clear that the greatest were appointed by the Greatest President, it is presently unclear which is the greatest. Both John Ashcroft and Alberto Gonzales have contributed a great deal to the freedom of America and the War on Terror, while Michael B. Mukasey has guaranteed the right of executives to use and invent experimental interrogation technologies. Stay tuned to Fox News for mayke alot of candii

What is An Attorney General?Edit

An Attorney General (AG) is the highest ranking attorney in a battalion, state, or nation. It is appointed by a president.

Who Can Become An Attorney General?Edit

If you are president or governor, your best friend should really be your attorney general.

What Education Does An Attorney General Need?Edit

None, Hell the President can hire his kid brother if he wants too.

Where Does An Attorney General Work?Edit


How Much Money Does An Attorney General Make?Edit

about $300 dollars a year (Not true somebody lied) ->>>> Go to a different website!!!!!

What Is The Average Work Day Like For An Attorney General?Edit

  • going to meetings
  • making decisions
  • not recalling much of the meetings or decisions

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