$cientology Racing
wakes up in the morning and pisses excellence!

The car with driver Tom Cruise - er, Cole Trickle.

$cientology Racing is a team that competes in the NASCAR Busch Series. It fields the #27 Fords for driver Cole Trickle.

Early History

The team started in June 2006 running on short tracks in California with driver Kenton Gray. The team chose to run in California because it was close to Hollywood. The team started one race at a short track. But, because Xenu sabotaged the track with planes that looked suspiciously like DC-8s, the car didn't complete the race.

Busch Series

The team decided that Xenu couldn't get them at major NASCAR events, because if so, all of the Hollywood $cientologists would attack Xenu at once. But they needed a driver, since Gray didn't actually have his drivers' license. Ooooops. So, the crew members went to $cientology leader Tom Cruise looking for his opinion on who should drive the car. Cruise suggested Trickle, a man who looks suspiciously like him and is a fellow $cientologist. Trickle was noted for his qualifications, having won two NASCAR races, including the 1991 Daytona 500. Starting at the 2006 Milwaukee Busch race, Trickle has driven the team's #27 cars. His best finish is seventeenth (at the Milwaukee race, in which only sixteen cars were entered).

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