On the Holy Calendar, the 2nd millennium covers the period from 1st January 1001AD to 31st December 2000AD [1]. During The 2nd millennium, humans went through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Colonialism, the Industrialization, the Nationstate, the Republic, and the Corporation. Christianity has spread from Europe to the whole earth. America is founded and Israel was reborn.

11th Century

1st January 1001AD to 31st December 1100AD

12th Century

1st January 1101AD to 31st December 1200AD

13th Century

1st January 1201AD to 31st December 1300AD

14th Century

1st January 1301AD to 31st December 1400AD

15th Century

1st January 1401AD to 31st December 1500AD

16th Century

1st January 1501AD to 31st December 1600AD

17th Century

1st January 1601AD to 31st December 1700AD

18th Century

1st January 1701AD to 31st December 1800AD

19th Century

1st January 1801AD to 31st December 1900AD

20th Century

1st January 1901AD to 31st December 2000AD

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  • Because God invented the zero after God invented the Holy Calendar, the 1xxx is known as the 2nd millennium.
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