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Aaron Schock
has been featured on "The Colbert Report"
as a part of the Better Know A District segment.
Aaron Schock
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 18th" district of the state of Illinois

April 15, 2009 Knowing


  • Illinois 18th
    • state capitol, Springfield
      • 4-year term, 20 year sentence
  • only home Lincoln ever owned
  • Peoria
    • mass production
    • residents are children of syphillitic booze-hound
  • home of Caterpillar
  • has lincoln logs big enough
    • Aaron Schock, republican
  • sat down with him before his mother called him in to dinner
  • doesn't know what the Fightin' 18th is
    • 20 districts
  • youngest member of congress
    • no hazing process
    • no spanking machine
    • no nicknames


  • TMZ says he has six-pack abs
  • believes Stephen is obsessed with his abs
    • there is chemistry, but they vow to be professional
  • has no reason to believe Obama wasn't a citizen
  • Dr. Colbert doesn't want to bring it up
    • he denies it
  • he's the new face of the republican party
    • what he's doing to make sure Obama fails
      • if Obama succeeds, proves socialism works
  • did not vote for stim bill
    • won't take dirty money
  • pro-Stimulus for Illinois
  • pro-Life
  • pro-gun
  • he is courage to swim against the tide
    • protects the unborn
  • fetuses with guns
  • by definition fetuses are alive
    • and can bear arms
  • took the time to schock and awe