gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Abortionist to the authorities.

Abortionists are Satan's minions in disguise. Stem cells do not exist, they were simply made up by the Jew-run media to try to get money for their kosher picnics.

If you go to the office of an Abortionist, and spy on them, you will see that they actually have blood red skin (with a slightly blue tint) and purple eyes. They put on a 'doctors costume' when they have appointments with people considering abortion.

When in an abortionist's office, look carefully at their diplomas on the wall. They should read, "Hell University"! It is a well known fact that 50% of all Abortionists forged the signature on their diplomas as well.

Well-known abortion lovers include all homosexuals, Jews, atheists, agnostics (who are just atheists with no balls), and Jon Stewart (who also has no balls).

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