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History and Current Situation Edit

The Acadian people are currently inhabitants of the remote Canadian outpost known as the Maritimes (as of 2006-10-20). Although technically French-Canadians, they are widely believed to be the least despised of the world's French populations and that Stephen Colbert may actually have an Acadian friend known only as "Serge LeBlanc". Though naturally nervous around British citizens and people of British descent following what they charmingly refer to in non-American as "Le Grand Dérangement" (it is correctly pronounced "The Great Upheaval"), they have in recent years been somewhat tamed by Stephen Colbert, whom they have dubbed with the folk-hero moniker of "L'Grand-Sauveur-Américain-À-James-Qui-Nous-Fait-Toute-Chavirer". They had been known in earlier times to suffer from the stereotypical French liberal bias before the message of Stephen Colbert reached their shores and showed them the error of their ways

Stephen Colbert on Acadians Edit

Stephen Colbert once glowingly referred to Acadians as: "...less surrendery, but more deporty than average French."

Factoids Edit

  • The Acadians are the foremost proponents of "Frenglish", a combination of French and English which is incomprehensible to anyone of either tongue. It was popularized by the former Liberal Governor of Canada, Jean Chrétien. "Frenglish" is believed to be an automatic reaction of the French brain trying to revert to a more naturalistic, American state.

800px-Flag of the United States.svg

The current flag of the United States of America.

450px-Flag of Acadia.svg

The Acadian flag, complete with the widely suggested "51st star".

  • It has been widely suggested by American patriots on both sides of the border that the Acadian flag's single star, which had in the past been erroneously purported to symbolize Mary, Patron Saint of Mariners is, in fact, the long-lost "51st star" of the American flag. This would keep in tradition with the famed legend that Acadia is, in reality, America's 51st state (legislation pushing for annexation to the great state of Maine is currently under review).

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