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Air Supply is an Australian musical band, specializing in the popular genres of Adult Contemporary, Adult Pop, Adult Pop Contemporary, Contemporary Adult Pop, Easy Listening, Contempoary Easy Listening, and Aborigine.

Early Career

Air Supply was formed by two staunchly heterosexual men, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock (no relation), to fill the worldwide void left by the break-up of the Starland Vocal Band.

Air Supply's radio singles include "Lost in Love", "All Out of Love", "The One That You Love", "The Power of Love", and, fittingly, "Making Love Out of Nothing At All".

After the government-sanctioned dissolution of the band in 1989, Graham Russell became a diggery-doo builder. Russell Hitchcock did other things.


  • "Lost in Love" was played on loop in an attempt to drive Manuel Noriega from his secure compound and into the loving arms of American forces. It was successful and, henceforth, was known colloquially as "God Bless America" and "Manuel's Theme".
  • The diggery-doo does not appear on any Air Supply songs.
  • Air Supply won't talk to Men at Work and vice versa.