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Alex Jones
is a Truthiness Crusader!

You can't supress the truthiness!

Alex Jones, America's Info Warrior, is an American patriot attempting to save us from the clutches of the New World Order and Bears!

Who is Alex Jones?Edit

Alex Jones, is a homosapian on the third celestial body orbiting a huge gaseous red dwarf star, in the milky way galaxy, residing in the united states, in texas in Austin.. the wanna-be cowboy capital of the world. Alex Jones is the host of the radio show "The Alex Jones Show" and the creator of the web tube.

Myth has it that he has huge balls, balls bigger than a Cadillac, not because he has ball cancer but because he is not afraid to tell the truth! He was knighted as Sir Brass Ballsiness Extraordinaire for his bravery.

What He DoesEdit

On PrisonPlanet and in his radio show, Alex Jones exposes the countless plots (such as the Amero currency, the North American Union, the One World Currency, the RFID chip, the swine flu, etc.) of the wicked Bear World Order Global cabal! The examplez center around The Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs, and a bunch of filthy rich fellows.

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  • Many claim that he is an insane paranoid moonbat with a low IQ who produces conspiracy theories by the hour.
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