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One of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton helped create America's banking system and America's standing army.

Known for his integrity and upstanding citizenship, Mr. Hamilton was the father of eight children with his wife and one more with the wife of another man.

Mr. Hamilton is also known for writing "The Hamilton Papers" which became the impetus for The Hamilton Society, a twentieth-century group of college Republicans looking for yet another charismatic name to place upon a pedestal during the vacuum of time between Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan


Alexander Hamilton's career has been guided by his level-headed and selfless humility. Mr. Hamilton often reminded those around him of his great exploits and perfect philosophical theories, which unsullied by compromise have stood the test of Hamilton's elite educated judgment.


  • anti-populism
  • wanted a standing army (father of privatization?)

Words to describe HamiltonEdit

  • principled
  • honorable
  • practical
  • wise

things he single handedly created or achieved in America's nameEdit

  • stock market
  • created the Hamiltonian dollar, which bore his likeness
  • banking system that regularly (every 20 years since America's inception) would crash
  • constitution
  • bought Louisiana purchase
  • ended slavery
  • made Washington DC America's capitol

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