Dead bear
is a member of the Bear Hunters of America.
Be Scared, Bears.


Alligators are enemies of the godless Bears.

War on BearorismEdit

With its amazing hardened armor to defend against the claws of Bears, the American Alligators is a genuine water warriors across America. Much of the Bears' attempts to invade the swamps, wetlands, and lakes were pushed back successfully by the Alligators over the decades. Alligators also hunt panthers in addition to bear.

Struggle for DominanceEdit

Lately, however, American Alligators are being slaughters by Pythons from Africa and are losing its "Apex Predator" status. Initial intelligence suggested that the Pythons were supplied by African Muslims. It is unknown whether Pythons will hunt Bears. However, few speculates the pact between African Muslims and Godless Commies to last.


  • alligators like marshmallows

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