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The very first American flag. Each star represents an American colony. There are thirteen stars in total because there were thirteen original colonies. It could have been fourteen, but we didn't want Nova Scotia anyway. The Canadians or Newfoundlanders can have it, and good riddance!

The national flag of the United States of America and what you should be waving right now. You can't make a flag better than this! Believe me - people have tried! It simply cannot be done!


Old Glory (since 1960).

Flags "inspired" by the American flag designEdit

Future Flag of AmericaEdit


Isn't this 51-star flag design cool? Now let's force Puerto Rico or the District of Columbia to become a state so that we can use it!

Futurama flag

Future Flag of America. As you can see the whole planet is now American! USA! USA! USA!

Flag of Communist AmericaEdit

Amerruss flag promo

In Bizzarro America, Communism is the Greatest system in the world

This version of the flag only exist in Communist America, there is no way that America will one day be... What?! We elected a black mooslim man as our President???

Trivia Edit


The Islamic States of Obamamerica

  • The colors red, white, and blue where chosen for the flag by Jesus Himself because they never run.
  • The Flag has serviced over 143 million customers.

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