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If you are not a Real American™, pack your bags and report to GITMO.
Austin Powers
Does Amerisexual
make you horny, baby?

Amerisexuality refers to those patriots who love their nation so much they find each and every true American beautiful and sexy.

Many, like Stephen Colbert, claim they can no longer see sex (because they aren't sexist) and instead identify those attractive to them by national pride.

Not to be confused with homosexuality and bisexuality, real Amerisexuals have evolved intelligently designed themselves beyond the notion of gender constraints and into the notion of intense patriotism.

Since attractiveness is based primarily upon how American a person is, all Amerisexuals find Stephen Colbert - a Megamerican - extremely arousing. However, all non-Amerisexuals find this as well.

Amerisexual encounters usually result in an Amerigasm for each of the participants.

Examples of Famous Amerisexuals Edit

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