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A typical day in the life of the Amish
Snoop amish

Snoop Amish: The biggest mother fuker humblest and nicest guy ever…

Amish are people who live in Pennsylvania, who, unlike members of the one true churchs, do not use technology developed by people they hate (which is everyone). Which makes them un-american and almost too commie. But on the other hand they are very pious and christian and hate the same thing that Real Christians hate. This makes them into a very strange hybrid of un-american, commie, and evangelical republican combination... ... ... We may need God's judgment on this one...

It is not clear whether they will be going to Heaven due to their devotion to poverty and the rejection of God's true religion, Moneytheism and Capitalism (America's true and only religion). Anyone who hates money is a mooslim, but remember, if you love money too much you are a dirty joo, but the Amish are not joos because they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. Making it very difficult to classify the Amish. If the Amish are money-haters they are like the mooslims but at the same time they are like the True Christians by not being in love with money like the joos because they love Jesus more... (I think my head is hurting...)

Why they hate the greatest of American traditions, money is not clear. But horse-drawn buggies go to hell along with their owners.

The Amish Way of LifeEdit


They may have shun technology, but they find ways to get around that…


An Amish showing off his ostentatious buggy-cart and his beautiful family. What happened with being "humble" and "holier than thou"?

The Amish way of life can be described as a strange cross-breading between being a hippie-commie (without the whole "touchy-good-feelings" and "make-love-no-war" vibe) and very Christian-like (but without TV, money, beer, hamburgers, and Capitalism. So, no fun). They have a strange obsession of wearing black (like goths) but they hate make up. They like to build barns everyday, in which all members of the community participate without getting paid; and they "like" working all day and night without vacations and no wages (making it a "workers paradise" and a "Capitalist Hell" but without unions or the Free Market!).

In short, Amish confuses the hell out of me and probably confuses God too much...

(I am sorry, but I wont write anymore unless these heathen/bastards/commiebearlovingliberal/Real Americans/evangel.... AAAAAAARRRGH!!!!)



The Amish relased their own vinyl album, clearly they haven’t heard about mp3s.

Amish Girl at Gas Pump

Don’t you hate these guys, sometimes?

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