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"An Inconvenient Truth"
is a movie that is Destroying America.
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Al Gore Making Money off Our Misfortune

An Inconvenient Truth (aka "Night of the Living Dead") is Al Bore's "Oscar Winning Film." Before winning this award, the film could only be viewed as a bunch of liberal propaganda about the Global Warming myth. The only people who watched it were the environmentschtapo and the global warmtroopers who push their pro-glacier agenda.

Now that this one-note yawn-fest has grossed over $40 million dollars, however, it has become obvious that Global Warming exists. Our great and visionary President, George W. Bush, has taken the lead to lead America's Planet on the leading path to think about how to investigate leading ways of exploring more thoughts on leading causes of Climate Change. The free market has spoken.

Plot SummaryEdit

  • Depressing
  • Science stuff
  • Something about things getter warmer
  • Subliminal Liberal messages
  • Blaming good factories and calling what they do pollution
  • Narrated by a fat retarded guy.

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