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Baby Jesus
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Anarcho-Capitalism is the next level of Capitalism, favored by The Heavenly Father, His Son and big business.


Anarcho-Capitalism was sent from Heaven to curb corporate welfare pimping a mild problem in the market. The celestial hosts favor it for everyone but themselves, which is only fitting since they along know what's good for everyone.

The History of Anarcho-CapitalismEdit

Enemies Of Anarcho-CapitalismEdit

Heroes Of Anarcho-CapitalismEdit

Ron Paul.

Places On America's Planet Where Anarcho-Capitalism ThrivesEdit

  • Hong Kong, where there is no minimum wage, prostitution has been decriminalized (awaiting to be legalized), endangered species meat are food, and foodstuff are Buyers Beware.
  • America, where under the greatest president ever, George W. Bush, there is fewer and fewer port inspection and products, such as pet food and kid toys, is now Buyers Beware. Furthermore, corporation is outsourcing its labor to bypass wage regulation, the American military is contracting parts of its operations to Blackwater and other private security.
  • Somalia, where the people's freedom from government regulations includes the freedom to enjoy the unfettered anti-biotic market
  • Haiti, where they hate government so much, they never keep one around long enough to infringe on the people's freedoms
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