Andrew Sullivan
was an in-studio guest of "The Colbert Report"
and got nailed at The C Desk.


Andrew Sullivan
composed at least one non-audiobook book.

Sullivan is the writer of the book The Conservative Soul. Unlike traditional conservatives, he doesn't keep his homosexuality in the closet. He even wants to get married.

He's one of only a few guests on The Report who have ever been given the coveted spot on Stephen's main "C" desk (on the left side, of course).

While at the desk, Sullivan was nailed by Stephen Colbert on the Octobert 12, 2006 Colbert Report in a preemptive strike to prevent Sullivan from outing Colbert. Clearly intimidated, Sullivan was limited to commenting on Stephen's "really, really disturbingly good fashion sense" when asked at the end of the interview if he wanted to out anybody.

Oh, for the record, Sullivan's observation by itself proves NOTHING! Stephen's clothes are custom-designed and coordinated for him by a team of hot female experts in the art of bear repelling. Thanks to their heroic efforts, whenever bears see Stephen they lose bowel control (under normal circumstances they only do this in the woods) before going into a terror-induced coma. If being well-dressed is the price he must pay for this public service, so be it.


  • Andrew was the guest on the sexy January 17, 2006 episode known as the one HOT WINTER REPORT.

Strike ShowEdit


January 7, 2008

November 3, 2008 NailingEdit

  • supporting Obama, because tomorrow is opposite day
  • why are conservatives telling people to vote for Obama
  • he claims the Bush Amdinistaion was not conservatives
    • but it would be conservative to keep things the same way
  • wants to bring calm, reason, prudence to American government
  • doesn't think there is enough Xanax to calm McCain down
  • likes to win wars, not lose them
    • wants to beat al qaeda
      • fought them dumbly
    • win moderate Muslims
  • tried to interrupt Stephen twice, after yelling at him!
  • he can't believe bin Laden is still running around
  • the difference between Sullivan and Colbert
    • Sullivan is n ot willing to believe
    • Stephen can suspend his disbelief
  • he cannot vote, he is a limey bastard
    • the English don't have plumbers, they have Loo Mechanics
  • Sullivan hates Sarah Palin
    • claimed it showed he wasn't serious
      • showed how basey McCain is
  • Sullivan believes the American people will win tomorrow (eleciton day)
    • but Stephen isn't running anymore!

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