Andrew Young
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

January 22, 2008 NailingEdit


  • New Black Friend?
    • more than a new black friend
  • how did he and Dr. Colbert's Father settle their strike?
    • did not fight over internets residuals
  • strikes are never about money, they are about respect
  • in a conflict, give your opponent a face-saving way out
  • make everyone a winner

November 5, 2008 NailingEdit


  • longtime civil rights pioneer, who Stephen will ask what happened to the Bradley Effect
  • Stephen introduced him as "My Black Friend"
  • Barack is not black
    • Afro-Asian Europan-American
  • racists hate themselves
    • insecure with yourself, you pick on others
  • was speechless that the day would come when Stephen asked him back to the show
  • was in Chicago with MLK
  • more afraid in Chicago than Mississippi
  • he said Stephen had it right
    • people rejected fear
    • Obama awakened the faith people had in America
  • Obama's transition team
    • Stephen deserves one
    • UN job is cushy
  • MLK in 1964 believed we could have an AfAmer in 25 years
    • HW was black or Young is calling MLK a liar
  • We should thank W
  • blacks have not seen the promised land
  • every thing is so messed up that now it's been handed to black people to fix

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