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Anti-Bear Technology
is a tool Patriots use to battle America's enemies
God Bless America

Anti-Bear Technology are the many tools The Heroes use to combat the biggest threat against America ever, bears.

Research and DevelopmentEdit


Prof. McDoc


Intelligence GatheringEdit

Tex and her alter-ego ms. lady are the head of the anti-bear intelligence gathering agency. They are also the same person.


The bear-o-tecter - can see bears from a mile away and through the disguises.

Prof. McDoc has developed several new things.

Wriststrong upgrades- can repel bears to an extent

Anti-bear Combat armor- can defend bear claws and fangs

Anti-bear Stealth armor- currently being developed

Bear tracking devices- devices put on bears to know the location of them without them knowing

Anti-bear dart gun- a small non-human-lethal dart gun with essence of stephen on it

Colbanium- an alloy of the most strong metals on earth, the moon, and middle earth. It can withstand virtually anything. It is composed primarily of titanium, aluminum, iron, and carbon for strength and gold and platinum for repelant and luster.

The Bearier- a barier built out of super strong colbanium used to repel bears to a farther extent than the wriststrong upgrade.

Colbearier- the second version of the Bearier, which is capable of repeling almost any bear, including the Pizzly. Also called the Bearier V.2

Colbearier V.3- the third and final version of the Colbearier that is capable of being fitted into a wriststrong, unlike the old ones that had to be set up on the feild, and can repel a wide array of enemies.

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