Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is a great cartoon, but not the greatest cartoon. It appears on Turner Broadcasting's Cartoon Network cable channel.


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Boston LegalEdit

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In January of 2007, LED mooninites were placed in various cities around America to promote the show and a movie based on the show.

While other municipalities passively let the devices remain in place, Boston authorities responded swiftly, putting the entire city on alert, activiating the entire police and fire departments and implementing anti-terror units including bomb squad officers to deactivate the LED signage within two weeks of their initial placement.

That kind of rapid response shows just how prepared America is for an imagined terrorist plot. Kudos to Boston and Boston's mayor for turning a harmless marketing stunt into a hoax worthy of legal ramifications for all involved.

The incident has been said by many to have been blown completely out of proportion. One terrorism-supporter was quoted to have said "I cannot beleive how stupid Boston is being about this whole thing. Well, I guess in a city full of Red Sox fans they are bound to do some pretty retarded shit." Of course, people with that opinion were in the minority (and the Red Sox are a perfectly acceptable baseball team) and most americans feel that advertisement on any medium other than wikipedia is un-american and communist.

Fallout For The Colbert ReportEdit

The incident in Boston ruined marketing opportunities for The Report, causing Stephen to cancel on-site airport advertising for his new show Time to Travel, which consisted of unmarked suitcases with clock radios taped to them.

And the Stephen Colbert Winter Charity Gala's invitations, which were filled with a white powdery substance meant to resemble snow, had to be recalled.

Lastly, Times Square visitors will not be treated to the new outdoor ad for The Colbert Report - an actual-size replica of the 'Fat Man' nucular weapon emblazoned with the tagline "The Colbert Report: It's da bomb!".

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