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is a Recognized State of the United States of America.
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Despite what you may have heard
Is totally not racist!
Flag of Arizona Forbidden
The "Great" State of ARIZONA
Capitol: Tucson
State Flower: Cactus
Official Language: Ingles
State Bird: woody
State Motto: Your papers please.
Nickname: Canada's China
Governor: None
State Anthem: "look like we made it
Population: 10,000,00 (total) 12,251 (legal)
Standard MPH: However fast you can run from the border patrol
Principal imports: Ice, Refrigerators, Culture
Principal exports: Armadillos, Cacti
Principal industries: Crystal Meth, alien abductions
Fun Fact # 1: Refused to honor Martin Luther King national holiday because Arizonians hate to take days off work!
Fun Fact # 2: Arizona is on California's side against New York.


Arizona was discovered by someone trying desperately to go somewhere else. After many years, and I mean MANY freaking years, Arizona was "discovered" by Charleton Heston in 1968. He established the first contact between the people of Arizona and the city dwellers.

After loosing part of the party to city dwellers, Heston was able to escape and form his own tribe with a native. Their decendents populate much of the state to this day.


Starting with the war with the forbidden Zone Mutants and the discovery of Heston's ship, little is known about this state. The Lawgiver givith and the Lawgiver taketh awayith. The sacred scrolls do mention a distant past but that information is strictly controled by the GOP and the Arizona Minister of Science.

Achieving StatehoodEdit

Arizona was brought into the United States in the belief that Heston's decendents, who lived there, would support the attempt to pack the US Supreme Court and thus turn America into a banana republic (which means communist).

Arizona TodayEdit

Currently Arizona is under construction. Those who have passed through report that the state is apparently attempting to prevent people who enter from exiting. This is being done through a calculated system of highway construction that is never completed. Arizona also has a significant increase since the 1990's by an invasion of a barbaric horde known as "hipsters", fake socialists who have a stronghold in the quaint town of Scottsdale, a satellite city-state of Phoenix. Since then Scottsdale, and the rest of Arizona has become a bastion of communism and "boutiques".

Famous ArizoniansesEdit

Stephen Colbert was named an Honorary Arizonian by an act of the State Legislature earlier this year. Otherwise, there have been no significant Arizonians.

Oh, wait. Barry Goldwater was from Arizona. I think.

A Typical Day in ArizonaEdit

Huppenthal gets schooled

Huppenthal gets schooled

EduKaSHuN? We DoNt NEed nO StInkiNg EdUkaShUn!

Most days begin with comments about the weather. This is followed by a nutritious breakfast of high-fiber, low-fat foods. After breakfast, conversations about the day's heat factor index are common. By lunch time, most Arizonians are more than ready to get back inside to the air-conditioning. Lunch is followed by "siesta time," when Arizonians doze off while looking out the window, watching Mexican gardeners work. Early-bird dinners are served from 3:30 to 5:45 p.m. Full prices are charged after 5:45. Don't bother arguing about the correct time. Just get there early, is that asking so much? All Arizonians end the day with several hours of FOX News, followed by the Colbert Report and then quickly to bed, to gain the rest necessary to make it through the next day, which is supposed to be even hotter, Jesus Christ, if you can imagine that.

Arizona's New Law: "Mexicans Are Not Americans" LawEdit

The Mexinator: Rise of The Mexicans

For years Mexicans have been invading America and many of them have infiltrated the sacred land of Arizona, but not anymore. Thanks to a new law passed in 2010 we can now stop the Brown Invasion. The new law will stop crime and terrorism from destroying Arizona and America. Many Real Americans are very thankful to Arizona for taking a brave stance against these fureign invaders.

Speak American Or Get The F#ck Out LawEdit

The New law will make sure that anyone who doesnt speak proper American will be branded an illegal and immediately deported before he or she corrupts our language.

Emergency Update!!!Edit

Activist Judges are trying to undermine Arizona's Awesome Law to Help Students Against The Mexican Threat Law to be overturned because it violates The Libural Interpretation of the Constitution!

Terror News:Edit

A brave Arizona Hero killed a terror mooslim dog! News of this brave deed is already spreading throughout the State! The Hero has demanded to remain anonymous, which has baffled the news media. Hero, dont be so modest and show your face so we can congratulate you!

New LawEdit

Arizona passed a new law to counter the new Latino race. From now on all women are pregnant! Always and all the time! This way we can induce a new imaginary population increase of imaginary Real Americans.

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