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Aspen, Colorado
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Aspen, Colorado
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!

Aspen, also known as God's ski area, has the best skiing in the whole world! Seriously, Aspen skiing is awesome! Aspen is a city in Colorado and its the capitol.

Ski racing with Vail and Snowmass Village

Aspen does a lot of ski racing with Vail, the 2nd best place to ski. While Vail may win some, Aspen wins most! While Vail may get more tourists in the summer because it feels like Austria, Aspen gets more tourists in the winter because it has better skiing! Snowmass Village is also a competition for Aspen, but Snowmass Village is problably part of Aspen becasuse its so close to the Aspen airport.


So its true that you could be hot and cold at the same time!

Snowboarding is better in Vail than it is in Aspen, but its still awesome in Aspen! In fact, Aspen has won some ski races with Vail and Breckenridge! Snowmass Village doesn't stand a chance against Aspen! Also, Aspen has better skiing than anywhere in Montana or Utah! Whenever its winter, you just need to be in Aspen! Aspen has the 2nd best snowboarding behind Vail, and even some snowboard parts of Aspen are better than some snowboard parts of Vail. Aspen has probably beaten Lenado for the 9th time! So unless you are Vail, I wouldn't cross my fingers on beating Aspen at snowboarding!

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