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Atlanta, Georgia
is a Recognized City of the United States of America.
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Atlanta, Georgia
Mayor: Ted Turner
City Motto: Everything outside the Perimeter is Deliverence Country!
Nickname: The Pit of the Peach
Theme Song: Usher's "Yeah!" feat. Little John
Population: Around 500,000

Greater metro 4 or 5 million

Standard MPH: 90MPH
Principal industries: Airlines, Rappers, and Canoe rentals
Fun Fact # 1: Atlanta hasn't been rebuilt since the Civil War, they just moved to the suburbs!
Fun Fact # 2: Not as cool as Charleston, SC, where Stephen Colbert is from!

Atlanta, Georgia HistoryEdit

Burned during the Civil War, several decades later someone made a movie about it. "Gone With the Wind" the only movie ever made about the South between "Birth of a Nation" and "Smokey and the Bandit." "Gone With the Wind" starred Ann Coulter and Bill O'Reilly.

Atlanta, Georgia TodayEdit

Atlanta still hasn't been rebuilt since the Civil War, everyone just lives in the suburbs, you really can't tell the difference. Plus you have a Wal-Mart within driving distance! They have a subway named MARTA, but no one uses it due to fear of mountain lion attacks. If you walk, watch out for Bears, they are all over. Atlanta citizens are very clever so they don't walk anywhere and only drive in their city. Visitors might be fooled though

Popular Ethnic Neighborhoods In Atlanta, GeorgiaEdit

  • Downtown- Full of office buildings, no one acually lives there
  • Midtown- Cleverly named are above downtown, thinks it better than downtown because it has Art Museums and stuff. Once filled with hippies until the yuppies movied in and drove up the price of real estate.
  • Little Five Points- hippies and Gays
  • East Atlanta- more hippies and Gays
  • Buckhead- lots of condos and rich people
  • College Park- Lots of rappers are from here
  • Roswell- Suburb that David Cross is from. He didn't like it being a winny bastard he is often complained about the town in his standup acts, but what do you expect from a guy who doen't like Larry the Cable Guy?

Atlanta, Georgia LandmarksEdit

Famous People From Atlanta, GeorgiaEdit

A Typical Day In Atlanta, GeorgiaEdit

Drive for four hours, work eight hours at either the CNN Center, Six Flags over Jimmy Carter's Library, the Martin Luther King Jr. gift store, or the CDC, drive back home. Whatever you do, never walk, it's not what you do in this town.

Strange Laws in Atlanta, GeorgiaEdit

  • Every street must be named Peachtree to avoid confusion.
  • No one walk the streets, you must drive everywhere period!
  • Gays can't go beyond the city limits.


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