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All true BAMFs carry this wallet.

BAMF (n) a person who is not to be fucked with; a Bad Ass Mutha Fucka. The term was first coined (more or less) in a little known Shakespearian play entitled, "Serpents on Yonder Trireme"1. Royal Advisor, Lord Erik Norris states (loosely translated), "I am sick and tired of these motherfuckin' serpents on this motherfuckin trireme!" to which his servant replies (again, loosely translated), "Wow, you really are a bad ass mutha fucka."

Also BAMF may be associated with the Quentin Tarantino film, Pulp Fiction (1994). Where one of the main characters, Julius, has a wallet (similar, or exactly like the one on display) with "Bad Mother Fucker" on it. And explains this to a robber, while holding a gun to his face who asks "which one is yours?" - to which Julius replies, "mines the one with Bad Mother Fucker on it".

  • "BAMF" may also apply to the sound made when one teleports.

Famous BAMFs

Examples of subsequent BAMFs include, but are not limited to:

James Bond

Secret Agents

Michael Jordan

Your mom

Napolian Dynamite



1. From "Serpents on Yonder Trireme" Act 2, Scene 4 (William Shakespeare, 1622):
Aboard "The Beron" a warship in service to Elizabeth, Queen of England.
Armstrong, an obedient and mostly invisible servant approaches Lord Erik Norris, the Queens favorite advisor as he looks out over the ship as it suddenly becomes infested with snakes.

Lord Erik Norris
Her Majesty's Trireme set sail today.
A cursed voyage I have yet not seen as this.

Lord Erik, these troubles come not from you...

Lord Erik Norris
I am the Queen's most trusted Lord and Master!
I have become beggar for a common Irish monk!
A theif of my honor, are these slithering devils!
Beset not by love nor war.
Vanity or misfortune.
I am sick, o'er it!
Your Mother's good name and purity should fall--
You hoard of serpents!
How would my duty become so burdened?
Acursed Maiden, Eve, my fortune for thine weakness!
Again, you poisoned beasts!
The bed of your Mother's most sacred, be it a rotted
Companion to this hull and deck!
Fore and Aft--you wretched beasts!
Be gone to your own mother's bed!

Lord Erik, I am humbled.
Your head is steady as the ship suffers.
You truly are a bawdy rump-fed whoreson!

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