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The BLT is a variety of sandwich containing Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato. Stephen recommends the BLT as his favorite sandwich. Stephen says it promotes mental well being.

On the January 17, 2006 episode of The Colbert Report, he said, "Have yourself a BLT today and hey, if you're mentally ill, have two."

To sum up the BLT in Stephen's words, the BLT is "an honest sandwich, an American Original, just like the French Fries."

A favorite of Stephen's on a rainy Sunday afternoon is the BLLT, the extra L is for liberty. The key to the BLLT is to slather the toasted white bread with Miracle Whip. Mayonnaise is a condiment invented by the Canadians in the 1960’s when they were taking American boys hostage so they couldn’t fight in the war on terrorism in Vietnam. They would serve mayonnaise with freedom fries to the hostages to try to convert them to their blame America first ways.

A proper meal in the 1950's would have consisted of: BLT with the lettuce and tomato removed with extra bacon in its place. Glass of bacon grease, and cigarettes on the sandwich.

BLTs and PoliticsEdit

In a 2004 interview that upset many of his fellow Republicans, Pat Buchanan claimed that while Saddam Hussein certainly had BLTs at one time, it was not worth fighting a war over them. He did however say that sometimes it is worth fighting a war over sandwiches, although what type of sandwiches, he did not say

BLT Scented CandlesEdit

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