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Bacon is one of manliest foods ever known to man or God. Every real man loves it; it thus follows that anyone who doesn't eat it is a sissy.

The main ingredient of the BLT, it is derived from that a magical animal known simply as "pig," and imbued by God with the power to make any food--as well as any blind date--better. Thanks to its recent coronation as the Ultimate Meat, Bacon stands alone at the top of the food pyramid.

Despite its clear superiority to other, lesser meats, Bacon remains approachable to this day. Sometimes, you'll catch it on a salad. Other days, it's splitting time between a BLT and a bacon cheeseburger. On occasion, you can even catch Bacon blogging over at Six Degrees of Bacon or guiding the steady hands at Bacon Unwrapped. Wherever Bacon may be, one thing is for sure--the world is a better place thanks to the King of Meats.

The Arachnid-Porcine ConspiracyEdit

Eagle-eyed members of The Bacon Nation have noted that recent events surrounding the remake of Charlotte's Web suggest that spiders and pigs may be conspiring to deny the world of Bacon. If you see any evidence of this arachnid-porcine conspiracy, please contact the National Pork Board.

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