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Body Parts Series

is Very Manly™.
Despite what you may have heard
Is totally not gay!

Americans have bigger ones than everybody else (i.e. Stephen Colbert, Floyd Landis, Dick Cheney.) Mexicans agree. They call balls "cojones" (pronounced "coe-jones"). As in, "Los gringos tienen cojones muy grandes."


The Launch Of Stephen Colbert's Balls via Intercontinental Ballistic Missile for The World To Have

The balls, or testicles, are the bodily organ in charge of a man's ability to stand up for what he believes in, and a man's ability to take risks. The balls are located just below the gut. When someone knows something in their gut strong enough, the balls influence them to stand up for it. This is called the Correlated Property of Truthiness. Also, the size of the balls has a strong effect on the effectiveness of the organ. This is why Barack Obama's balls are the largest on Earth. It has recently been rediscovered by Dr. Colbert that some ladies also possess ball-like organs, which he called Thatchers. Thatchers are not fully equivalent to those of an Mexican Man, but do allow some women a degree of ballasity.

Teutonic Ball Poetry

Hitler has only got one ball,
Goering has two balls but they are small,
Himmler has something similar,
but Dr. Goebbels had no balls at all.

Balls As A Delicacy

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  • Upon visiting a restaurant in or near the Denver, Colorado area, out-of-state visitors are repeatedly prompted to "try the Rocky Mountain Oysters!" This is in fact an earnest plea for one's health. Denver's high altitude makes it extremely hard to breathe. The prescription? Rocky Mountain Oysters. What are they? Glad one asked: bull balls. That's right, the balls of a bull. One can be assured it's not as ridiculous as it sounds. Eating bull balls gives one super-strength and the momentary ability of flight, as well as the six lungs of a bull, useful for breathing the thin mountain air. Rocky Mountain Oysters are the most crumbelieveable of all foods west of the Mighty Mississipi, with the savory, juicy, utterly breathtaking balls of a wolverine served in many reputable establishments in West Virginia being the only other food with comparable crumbelieveability.

(Please note: Originally this section referred (erroneously) to R.M.Os as "cow's balls". If cows had balls, they would be cow Thatchers.)

Other Famous People and Their Balls

Stephen's Balls Compared with Others'

Stephens balls would be like Jupiter, with each having eight sub-balls orbiting like moons (and one of those sub-balls has its own sub-sub-ball trapped in its gravitational well). Liberals' balls, on the other hand would be like Pluto, which might not even be considered a ball anymore.

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