Barack Obama (Secret Republican)
has been seen wearing a Wriststrong Bracelet!
Keep Strong, Barack Obama (Secret Republican)
Barack Obama (Secret Republican)
is a proud and perfect
reflection of the Republican Party.
Barack Obama (Secret Republican) is a Secret Republican.
But I'll Never Tell!
Barack Obama (Secret Republican)
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America
Barack Obama (Secret Republican)
is the 44th President of the United States of America
Party: Sekret Republican   Term of Office: 2009-
Obamachrist crop380w

He ran so we could vote for him…

of Black Friends

Barry O'Bama is the United States' first Black Irishman — and also, black Secret Republican — to serve as president and is the U.S.'s 44th president.


Thank The Baby Jesus that hes on our side

Barry Teddy Nixon Lincoln Bush Grant O'Bama is the 44th President of the United States of America Obama's agenda, as a secret republican double agent, has four steps that he's outlined in secret:

  1. pose as a Democratic politician for 12 years
  2. take over America's political establishment as the Decider
  3. add a secret tax on 50 percent of all Baby-killing Liberals
  4. enslave the Baby-killing Liberal race

People say his mother was an atheist, but she was actually a Republican posing as an atheist. In short, Barry is half-black, but all Republican Liberal-hater. His Dad is supposedly from Africa (as if the place even existed), and O'Bama hasn't lived the typical experiences of an African-American. Fine, so he's half-African-Republican-American. Or so they tell us. We don't see race.

Latte macchiato

Barry O'Bama tells liberals that he is a Latte Liberal in order to gain their trust...slurp!

Faking His LifeEdit

"YES WE CAN OBAMA" Avi format~high quality~Sub

"YES WE CAN OBAMA" Avi format~high quality~Sub

In reality Obama is actually a lolita girl so she can get the pedobear vote...

In 2007, everyone assumed that Hillary was gonna take the whole shooting match. O'Bama needed something to separate himself. So he started planting fake evidence on himself. Making himself look like:
a Muslim,
a communist,
a socialist,
a terrorist,
an alien,
the anti-Christ,
an Arab,
a Negro,
a Bear,
a Baby-Killer,
an Elitist,
a Liberal,
& a Democrat,

After these things came out, O'Bama carved out a name for himself. But Nobody suspected what he really was.


The fake birth certificate O'Bama Made

The TruthEdit

Barack Obama (Secret Republican)
is a Beautiful Republican
God Bless America

O'Bama is a republican. After the "Success" of the Bush Administration, O'Bama knew it would be difficult to run as a Republican. So he registered as a Democrat. Which automatically gave him much support.

Barack Obama (Secret Republican) is a Secret Republican.
But I'll Never Tell!
Barack Obama on Check, Please!

Barack Obama on Check, Please!

Barry “ Gourmand” O’Bama: Culinary Critic

Proof that he is our big republican messiahEdit

  • Why do you think Hillary fought him so hard in the primary race? SHE KNEW!!!
  • Anybody as awesome as him can't possibly be a baby-killing liberal.
  • He has true taste in culinary cuisine.

Who is this guy?Edit

He was dropped off at an Al queda training camp. He met Osama Bin Laden. At age 4, he realized that he needed to stop this evil stuff. He went through training for a little while, and when the time was right, attacked Bin Laden. But in a fiery explosion, Bin Laden escaped.

After the battleEdit


Barry “Lincoln” O'Bama: Real Republican, Real Change!!

His father was in Kenya, & his mother was in Indonesia. O'Bama had to go to Hawaii to live with his Republican Grandparents. They taught him that it was okay to act Liberal as long as you don't believe in it. He went on to college, and eventually the state senate.

2004 Senate CampaignEdit

He ran for senate in 2004, this was the first time he pretended to be a democrat. He won with nearly 70% of the vote.

2008 Presidential Campaign CampaignEdit

He ran for president in 2008, this was the second time he pretended to be a democrat. He won with a 5% margin. The biggest margin in 20 years.

The future of his ultimate missionEdit

In 2012, he will take the true believers and the It-getters through the mystic portal underneath the Chicago Cub's stadium. The journey will take long, but eventually, he will lead us to the promised land. The world of Ronald Reagan.




John Hodgman at Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner

John Hodgman at Radio & TV Correspondents' Dinner

O’Bama is trying to bring peace to the Middle-east America’s High Schools

He is a republican. He used to live in California when he was visited by Ronald Reagan. Reagan told him about conservatism and bear-killing. O'bama took this advice to heart, and eventually became Reagan's secret apprentice. Because Reagan knew that O'bama would eventually lead the It-getters and Bear-killers to Reagan's promised land

Mr. O'Bama once encountered a clan of bears. He killed the evil bears.

Berlin's Mayor, Klaus Wowereit, presented Mr. O'Bama with the gift of a porcelain bear figurine. Allegedly, the bear is the symbol of Berlin. O'Bama then smashed it because BARRY O'BAMA FUCKING HATES BEARS!!!!!

The Female Vote: The Ladies Love O'BamaEdit

Re @GStephanopoulos Old Spice

Re @GStephanopoulos Old Spice

Easiest way to get the women's vote
Raw Video Obamas Caught in Tender Moment

Raw Video Obamas Caught in Tender Moment

On this video we can clearly see Michelle being upset and the President *ahem* diffusing the situation.
Nice one, Mr. President!

He is sooo dreamy...

His Reagan-y/Bush-y cabinetEdit

  • Robert Gates: Bush's defense secretary. You can see the obvious reasons.
  • Susan Rice: CONDOLEEZZA RICE????
  • Joe Biden: He's an old white haired white guy. Do I have to spell this one out for you?????

The Council of DoomEdit

The Council of Doom has made it their #3 priority to make sure that Barry O'Bama does what is right for the people of America. Since He's a Republican, It doesn't matter


Barack O’Bama: One mean Badass Moth3r F#ck3r!

Flag quote open clear2
O’Bama, what is best in life? - To crush the liberals, see them driven before you... and to hear the lamentation of their gay partners!
Flag quote close clear2
~ Barry O’Bama
On “What is best in life? May 14, 1982

O'Bama the GourmandEdit


Effect on the Bear Uprising of 2012Edit


2012 Election Poster

O'Bama has actually saved us from the Bear Uprising of 2012. You see, O'Bama chose to keep Bush's Secretary of defense, Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. By doing this, eventually Gates will be Shot in the face by Dick Cheney. After this, O'Bama will choose Stephen Colbert as Secretary of Defense. Colbert will then use his political power to Challenge the Colbear To a final battle in the roman Colosseum. Colbert will then turn into his alter-ego The Rampaging Colbert and lock up the Colbear once and for all. Being an American Hero, Colbert will Easily win the 2016 Presidential Election, With Mike Huckabee as his Running mate, and as his first order of business,he will have all bears killed in order to make sure a bear uprising never happens again. and we will all live happily ever after.

Obama Kicks Door Open

Obama Kicks Door Open

Barry O’Bama will kick yo ass

Super O'Bama: America's New American HeroEdit

eat your heart out Superman

He's Barack Obama

He's Barack Obama

Barry O’Bama is a Secret Superhero, savior of the USA!!
Obama superman transform alex ross

By day he is our Super President, but by night he is our Superhero!

Superjesus mark poutenis

Super Jesus and Super O’Bama, fighting crime and converting new Christians!

As you know the liberal media has been overly suspicious about Barry O’Bama’s origins and birth. While we have proven that there is nothing suspicious about his birth, and that he is 100% human American, the reality is that that is the official version of the events. The truth is that O’Bama is an alien from outer space, sent by his Father (Gygax-El, the distant un-caring yet divine Dungeon Master in the Sky) to save our planet from the hippie bear-loving liberal Supervillains. So you see O’Bama is actually the Secret American Superhero “Super O’Bama”!! Yes, America. O’Bama is a Superhero and he is going to save America and Democracy!!

Remember when Pirates invaded America? No? That is because Super O’Bama kicked their asses back into the sea! Remember that giant space meteorite that almost blew up the world? No? That’s because Super O’Bama blew it away in the sky!! Remember the Bear invasion of 2012? It never happened because the bears surrendered realizing they could not beat Super O’Bama!!

Many Real Americans were concerned that since O’Bama was from outer space, he couldn’t possibly be a Christian. Don’t worry!! Super O’Bama is the brother of Super Jesus! They are both Space Messiahs and therefore they are Space Christians!!

O Force Obama by Lysol Jones

Super O’Bama and Robot Lady Liberty are part of the "O-Force"


Super O’Bama, fighting to protect our freedoms so you don’t have to work for it!

Obama will open his "Secret Super Hero Lair" in a distant secret island nation, on top of the "Obama Mount".

Unlike Superman's "Fortress of Solitude" the "Obama Fortress of Sunshine" will be a super beach house with all the luxuries and amenities that a Super Hero should ever want. It will also be filled with ladies in bikinis and tons of alcohol... ssshhh dont tell his wife!

Barry O'Bama Vs The Zombies (with a Special Guess Star!)Edit



The Awesomest Comic Book Ever... (with the secondest comming soon...)


With an Awesome Guess Star!

Photographic EvidenceEdit

His familyEdit

His Best FriendsEdit

Certificates of pure AwesomenessEdit


Suck It!

Barry Husseing O'Bama Kills Osama Bin LadenEdit

Obama shades yeeaaaaaah trump


Is O'Bama a Sekret Wizard?Edit

Obama is a wizard

Yes We Can!

The short answer is: YES

O'Bama is not only magic, he is magic! Need healthcare? No problem, he can heal you with magic. Need money? He can conjure lead to turn into god. Is the economy on a crapper? Magic. War in Iran? Magic. Republican Congress wont pass his bill... well, that one may require more of a miracle than magic.

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"Cheers, bitches"

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