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Barney Frank
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Representative Barney Frank, Taxachusetts


Barney Frank is a flamboyantly liberal 13-term Congressman/pothead representing the 4th congressional district of Taxachusetts. In addition, he's a Jew and openly left-handed. Very, very left-handed.

He was the second Congressperson interviewed for The Colbert Report's Better Know A District segment on October 27, 2005. After the interview, Frank said he regretted the waste of his time and "the waste of TV space."

That's it Barney: No more free rides.

Although there is no proof, Congressman Frank often smokes marijuana, and has the messiest office in the capital, since it is filled with empty bags of Doritos. This is why he authored a bill to have Captain Crunch promoted.

It is also of note that Congressman Frank is a bigot that hates dining room tables. [1]


Living with Left-handednessEdit

Barney Frank
gives aid and comfort to America's enemies. As A True American™,
it is your duty to report Barney Frank to the authorities.

Frank embracing gay buddy Elton John.

Representative Frank agrees with Stephen that people are either born left-handed or not: Left-handedness is not a lifestyle choice.

His "Walk"Edit

Some say he kicks with his left leg. However, attempts to find anyone he has kicked with his left leg have so far been unsuccessful.

Gays That Barney Frank Has OutedEdit

Congressional Left-handednessEdit

Miss Congresswoman Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee from Mike Oxley, who was chairman between 2001 and 2007[2]. This was the wrong choice; Oxley was a wise and noble Republican, and nothing — absolutely nothing — went wrong during his tenure. The same could not be said regarding Frank's time in the chair, in which a year-old recession began under his watch.

Yet more proof that liberals cannot be trusted to handle America's money.

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Barney Frank
is a United States Representative
for the "Fightin' 4th" district of the state of Taxachusetts
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