Barry Manilow
was interviewed as a guest of The Colbert Report, got nailed,
performed a song and got nailed again!
Barry Manilow
is a CELEBRITY! Oh. My. God.

The Bear who took Stephen's Emmy

Barry (aka "bear-y") Manilow is ugly. It should also be noted that Barry Manilow's first name "Barry" sound suspiciously like "Bear"(ry).

Barry Manilow won the 2006 Emmy award with Stephen T. Colbert's name engraved on it.

And has no talent.

And robbed Stephen of glory. Barry hates our dear friend Stephen T. Colbert. He didn't even have the decency to give the award to Stephen T. Colbert anyway. I know that he didn't feel worthy of it.

On October 30, 2006, Stephen Colbert went Mano-a-Manilow with Barry on The Colbert Report. Attempting to rub his Emmy in Stephen's face, instead Stephen showed Manilow his own Emmys, his Peabody Award and his Time Magazine 100 Most Influential Americans paperweight.

Stephen and Barry signed a historic Peace Treaty, granting Stephen 6 months custody of the Emmy. The Treaty was notarized and is binding.

Stephen's Reaction To The Emmy Award ControversyEdit

During the 2006 Emmy Broadcast, Stephen appeared to present the award for Best Achievement in Reality Television alongside his Jewish friend Jon Stewart. The presentation occured after Stephen had been robbed of his Emmy by Manilow. During the award show pablum that preceded the reading of the nominees, Stephen talked about his feelings:

"I lost to Barry Manilow. Barry Manilow. I lost to the Copacabana. Singing and dancing is not performing. Wolverine I could have lost to - he's got claws for hands."

Stephen's Christian ForgivenessEdit


You've been forgiven for now, Manilow

Even though Barry had to read about his surprise at winning an Emmy from a prepared note, Colbert has told Chris Wallace to hold on his investigative interview with Manilow.

Barry's 'Music' As A Form Of PunishmentEdit

Barry Manilow
is one happenin' Jewish cat!
Shalom, baby!
"Barry Manilow"
is an Official "Lover of Immoral Bears" (LiB) Site™

Manilow's music is so bad, a Colorado judge and hero, Paul Sacco, has sentenced people busted for noise pollution to one hour of listening to Manilow's tripe.

Judge Sacco, who carries out the punishment about four times per year, said the sentence fits the crime.

Quote open clear3 When you have a person playing rap at extreme volumes all over the city,
and they have to sit down and listen for an hour to Barry Manilow,
it's horrible punishment.
Quote close clear2
~ Judge Paul Sacco

Sacco said his love for music and helping youth inspired the unusual sentence.

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Barry's Renewed Sabotage of ColbertEdit

In light of Overlord Colbert's recent efforts to take his deserved place in space by winning the vote at this link: naming NASA Node 3 "Colbert." Remember, just type in "Colbert" under suggestions to cast your vote, which you should do on every computer you can possibly commandeer. Manilow has reportedly moblized his own "fanbase" to sabotage Dr. Colbert's efforts. As seen on his "network", Manilow intends to thwart us again. Redouble your efforts, Colbert Nation!

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Barry Manilow
Is totally FUBAR (F##cked Up Beyond All Recognition)
and is shunned by Stephen Colbert and The Baby Jesus

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