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An abomination

Beagle -Half bear, and half eagle. A monstrosity made possible by magnamorphs. Turning our proud symbol of American freedom into a godless killing machine. When the eagle is combined with a Grizzly it can be called a Greagle. They must be killed on sight!

"I must warn my more sensitive viewers, what you are about to see will shock and offend you. Use your discretion, and have a vomit bucket ready. This fun toy intended for children comes with three animals: a crocodile, an eagle, and a bear. So far so good. The alligator and the bear will fight to the death, and whoever survives will be weak and easy prey for the Eagle. But Magnamorphs crosses the line from educational fun to blasphemous monstrosity, because the animals have detatchable magnetic parts, allowing you to combine our proud symbol of national freedom with a godless killing machine! It's half bear, half eagle, it's a beagle! And it's a grizzly too so it's a greagle! Oh kill it kill it!" -Stephen Colbert

Charles Darwin named his sailing ship The Beagle after the beagle, a godless killing machine, because he knew he was doing Satan's bidding.

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