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A bear claw is a sweet breakfast food, popular chiefly on the West Coast of the United States. The claw is sawed off the bear post-mortem, shaved, and then covered in a delicious chocolate topping.

Bear claws are considered delicacies, as with each scrumptious bite, you can sleep better at night knowing there is one less weapon at the disposal of bears.

Canada Edit

Canadians make a food called a bear paw, but these are not actually made out of bear paws, and are therefore stupid.

China Edit

The Chinese believed that Bear Claw has medicinal properties. Chinese poacher usually trap the bears, keep them in captivity, drain their gut juices for several months, cut off the claws and penises, and then sell the paws, the penises, and the gut juices to the black market. The paws are dried and the penises are powdered.

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