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Beer. ie. God's Sweet Nectar, Blessed Drink, Perfect Satisfaction, Bread, and the Truthy Juice!

Made from a simple mixture of Hops, Grain, Yeast, Colbert Urine and Water it is a magic drink that makes you smarter, stronger, and more sexy.

Beer was invented by medieval Christian monks who were doing God's work and improving the world. However misinformed preachers, such as Billy Sunday, claimed beer was demonic, fostering the temperance movement. This lead to the Eighteenth Amendment, one of Americas worst mistakes. Of course God saw this mistake and he fixed it with the Twenty-first Amendment.

Mainstream DomesticsEdit

In general, mainstream domestic beer is bad. Very bad. It is like screwing in a canoe - F'ing close to water. For a better beer, try microbrewed, craft beer. It's like screwing, period.

Good DomesticsEdit

  • Miller Products- 99% of all waste at Miller is recyclable, with the other 1% of non-recyclable waste shipped down to St. Louis and sold as Budweiser. Also, true beer, not "rice beer" bullshit. Rice is a Chinese good, and we all know that the Chinese are communists. Explains why Budweiser is sold in red cans...
  • Schlitz- The beer that made Milwaukee famous. It did so for a reason...
  • Anything else made in Wisconsin, specifically Milwaukee. They know more about beer and drinking than anywhere else in this great nation of ours, so you know they're good at that stuff
  • Colt 45
  • Duff Beer.
  • Alamo Beer


  • Bell's Beer from Michigan (Beers of note: Oberon, Two-Hearted, Winter White)
  • Samuel Adams named after an American Hero 'nuff said.
  • Anything made by Pyramid brewing company.
  • Anything made by Anchor brewing company.
  • Any beer brewed exclusively in Texas.
  • Any beer brewed in Fort Collins, except Budweiser- Blech!

Bad DomesticsEdit

Bad Domestic Beer is UnAmerican.

For a bad Domestic beer try:

  • Anything made in St. Louis
  • Any Beer that begins with the word Natural, Beer is made by man and is, therefore, not Natural. Never drink a beer that lies on its can!
  • Any Beer that ends in the word light. Americans like Beer like we like cars, heavy and powerful enough for us to go any where and do anything. Note the difference between "Light" and "Lite" though
  • Molson (Canadian). Is this an import?


Warning the consumption of an imported beer may be tantamount to providing aid and comfort to the enemy. It is STRONGLY recomended that any American should consume only American Beer. However, if you have the balls, and feel the experience may be worth the risk, here are a few Imported Beers that, under the proper conditions, may still be American to drink.

Good Imports


A bottle of Bin Laden's Blue Ribbon Ale chock full of evil (and good taste)

  • Heineken - Dutch, in WWII they picked the right side.
  • Bass Ale - If the British drink it and its not Tea, it must be special.
  • Guinness - If the Irish drink it and its not Whisky, it must be special.
  • Bier - Any Oktoberfest beer from Germany.

The following Imports should be avoided by Americans at almost all costs!

Evil Imports

All You Need To KnowEdit

Beer: it's America's Drink![1]


Holy Sh#t! Texas discovers the Holy Grail of beer!!!!!

What Have We Learned?Edit

Some liberals would report that beer affects the brain, but we drink massive consumptions every year, and we are brilliant enough to stick with Fox.

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is too drunk to drive itself home...
must be Irish.
DBB bockbier

ist Deutsch, und hat eine bessere Bier als wir.

Es ist Bier braucht nicht bearbeitet, aber ich denke, man sollte alles ändern.
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