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W A R N I N G ! ! !
is for mature eagles only!
Careful, it is hot.

(Please note: Normal Americans spell this word "beastiality", but the Wordonistas insist it be spelled this way as if it is the "best" way to have sex)

Bestiality (abomination)

  1. when a human has sexual relations with a bear

Punishments According to the International Covens of Witches, Fertility Rites and Pagan Rights groups everywhere all of our problems, as well as all of your problems, floods, tsunamis, droughts, pestilence, earthquakes and all other forms of natural disasters that occur are Nature’s way of punishing the World for there not being enough interspecies matings or bestiality. Therefore do your part and get fucked by a dog today!

Petitions Are rapidly being signed on the walls of all public restrooms about what animal is curently fucking your hole or holes. Or which animal you would like to be fucking them in order to bring peace to the World and to disarm the rich and thier dirty whores...politicians and religious heads of any kind.

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