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Dr. Betsy McCaughey with her Husband Dr. Frankenstein

Betsy McCaughey is America's Doctor and a Real American Hero fighting the insidious communist disease known as "Death Panels" and "Socialized Medicine"

Betsy's ChilhoodEdit

When Betsy was a little girl it was her childhood dream to be a powerful CEO Doctor and by the tender age of 12 she opened her first hospital... granted it was an imaginary hospital, it turned away undesirables, and she was playing "veterinary" rather than doctor but it was a start!... strangely enough at the same time the neighborhood pets started to disappear mysteriously...


Franken Fran Betsy McCaughey in her younger years…

Her Career as a BankerEdit

Her Political Career And DownfallEdit

Her Medical Career And her Horrible Human ExperimentsEdit


Dr. Franken Fran Betsy graduates from
“Mercy Hell Hospital”

Dr. Franken Fran Betsy McCaughey does not have a medical license, but she does have a "Doctorate" in making money just like Stephen! That qualifies her to be a medical practitioner. Plus she is overly qualified to be a doctor, she has a B.A., M.A., and a PhD in U.S. constitutional history. A PhD! That Makes her a Super Doctor!

There is no truth that Dr. Betsy experimented with the homeless and the poor, that is a libural lie. Dr. Betsy saved many lives by harvesting the organs of the poor and selling it to her super rich friends and she deserves an award, but the hippie bear-loving liberals are attempting to smear the good doctor's name. There is also no truth that she tried to kill old people.

Her Victory Against Bill Clinton's Socialized MedicineEdit

Board of Medicine Elects Betsy as America's DoctorEdit

Her Long Struggle Against Obama's Socialized Medicine and His Death PanelsEdit


Dr. Betsy to receive Fearmongering & Human Experimentation Humanitarian Award of the Year

Her Interview with John Stewart and her his Humiliation on National TeeveeEdit

By Decree & Power of Ballsiness
Betsy McCaughey!
Shall Receive Lady Balls!

On August 21, 2009 Doctor Betsy invaded The Daily Show's studio and confronted John Stewart and his libural lies. Stewart was humiliated by Doctor Betsy's intelligence, and he was also intimidated by Doctor Betsy's presence that he surrendered like a Frenchman.

She did it! She outwitted the joo!

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