God Touching Adam
"Betty Bowers"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.
Betty Bowers
is a Proud Republican Goddess
God Bless America
Betty Bowers
is a Truthiness Crusader!

America's best Christian!

"You're Going Straight to Hell" by Betty Bowers

"You're Going Straight to Hell" by Betty Bowers

Mrs. Betty Bowers, the Worlds best Christian! She is a member of God's favorite Protestant Church, Landover Baptist Church. Known for her Godly ministries B.I.T.C.H. (Bringing Integrity to Christian Homemakers) and B.A.S.H. (Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals). Mrs. Bowers is the quintessential Christian lady and favored by Jesus! She has her own website where she posts her interviews with heathens and harlots, so no one has to speak to them.

How Close Betty Is To JesusEdit

  • he brings back people from the dead, so Mrs. Bowers can have the last word.
  • Jesus worships Betty Bowers.

People's Mrs. Bower's Better ThanEdit

Betty Bowers & Jesus Announce Their Candidacy!

Betty Bowers & Jesus Announce Their Candidacy!

All fall short of Mrs. Bowers' glory! She even had Jesus as her running mate for President!

Things Betty LikesEdit

Whatever Jesus likes.

Things Betty HatesEdit


Never without an honorary first stone!

Whatever Jesus hates.

The Work Betty Does For GodEdit


See main article Bringing Integrity to Christian Homemakers


See main article Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals


Traditional Families Raging Against Sluts and Homos

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