God Touching Adam
"Bible Belt"
is Most Beloved by God over all His creations
Now and Forever, Amen.

The Bible Belt is where the Slave States used to be. That was before the American Civil War and before Abe Lincoln denied American slave owners their God Given property rights freed the slaves so two centuries later their free descendants can begin to hold up their heads as human beings.

The Bible Belt didn’t abolish slavery completely because in the smaller and less tolerant places people are slaves to Christianity, Hypocrisy and Porn.

Yes, that’s right the fine upstanding God-fearing Bible Belt preacher thunders from the pulpit about the sins of sexual (whatever is on his mind at the moment). Then he goes home and perhaps his wife isn’t in the mood for sex, if she's a repressed Republican Christian woman she isn't in the mood very often. So he fires up his computer. He goes to that special secret folder where he has all his (We’d better not go into too much detail here). Later he gets onto his knees and asks God to forgive him yet again. That’s true because the scientists have proved it. Not all Bible Belt people are enslaved to porn but many are. [1]

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