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A “Homie” being “Gangsta”… still awesome…

Black (a race of peoples)

A happy black man.

"Black" refers to all of mankind, because black is defined as "the absence of color," and that's how Stephen sees all people.

More specifically, people inaccurately use the term to describe brown-skinned people originating from the fictional continent of Africa. However, because it is most commonly used to describe human beings with brown skin, this has become its most well-known usage and is grudgingly acceptable in society today. However, I prefer calling these so-called "black" brown people "chocolate" "negros" because chocolate negros is brown are squishy and lovable and it's good they are entertainment for everybody.

According to Debra Dickerson:

  1. black people are the descendants of West Africans who were enslaved, not people who are from East Africa. (See: Barack Hussein Obama)

Fun Facts

How come Black People can eat at Niggar King but I cant? That’s discrimination I tell ya!

What is it with Purple Drank?

As all Real Americans know from school, black people ingest some strange things. From government cheese to fried chicken and watermelon, their diet seems foreign and peculiar to the more refined American pallet. But of all the strange "food" items (who eats pig's feet really?) the most misunderstood is the ubiquitous "purple drank".

Some people say purple drank is just purple-colored Kool-Aid, while others insist that it is purple-colored malt liquor. The truth may never be known as scientists are fearful of trying it themselves lest they grow enormous afros or suddenly need gold teeth. Neither can this mysterious liquid be tested on laboratory mice as they can't get away from their cocaine and nicotine habits long enough to try anything else.

Prominent Black People

Black is the new Red.

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