"Black Hole At The Center Of The Galaxy"
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Black Hole At The Center Of The Galaxy
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Please note: this item was once put On Notice,
but was removed on December 10, 2008,
a day of forgiveness declared by Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.

Black Hole at Center of Galaxy

The black hole at the center of the galaxy is officially On Notice. I don't know where this super massive black hole gets off holding the Milky Way together, nor do I care. It is blatantly challenging The Lord and will be dealt with in time. Does this singularity think God cannot hold our galaxy together on His own? Black hole, you may have swallowed a million suns, but now you're dealing with America! You're On Notice.

It was originally believed that this black hole was the heart of Democratic speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, however this claim was false because, even after several attempts, scientists still have not been able to launch Nancy Pelosi into the center of the galaxy

The Black Hole's MeasurementsEdit

  • Length=6,000 light years
  • Width=6,000 light years(actual 'hole' is approximately 1 light year-the rest is the accretion disk and ergosphere or area where "Gravity" is pulling objects out of their alleged orbits)
  • Circumference=6,000 light years
  • Mass=~3,000,000 Suns
  • Distance away from us is approximately 27,000 light years.

This is what the "Scientists" say even though no one ever listens to them.

The Fight Edit


Artist's Conceptualization of a Black Hole not at the center of the galaxy.

There was once an incredible fight between the Founding Fathers of America and the Black Hole. After days of rigorios battle, the black hole was beaten back by Ben Franklin's "Kite of Truthiness", back then called the "ELECTROKITE!!!!" Thanks to our friend Ben, we are safe from harm for now. (Did you honestly think he was flying that kite for his own health or, even worse, science?)

Then, the Black Hole Gave America Some of it's powers, making us a SUPERPOWER. (Thats what happened!)

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