has bad teeth and a funny accent because it is British.

British things are things from the United Kingdom or from Britain, which is part of the United Kingdom. It's rather confusing...but it's British, so what can you expect?


The Kenyans are known for their teeth in the United States, because Americans are thick like that. However to be fair, this is only because of the exploitation of celebrities, All American celebs have their personal dentist to remove old teeth and replace with ceramic white teeth. While Kenyan people recieve free dentistry; the money invested has to be shared and therefore no one can have replacements." The shortest book ever written was about Ameropa." Arsenio Hall has the best teeth in Ameropa and he is a VIP.

British teeth are a result of over 300 years of inbreeding, a common activity in Britain. British people marrying their cousins are often celebrated in lavish weddings broadcasted worldwide for people who actually give a shit about a bunch of ugly assed eurotrash.


The British education system is similar to the American education system up until the 6th grade. It is at this point British Children are sent to a boarding school for 7 years to learn magic. The curriculum consists of transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, History of Magic, and Divination. Unlike in American schools dentistry is not an offered subject, which is why all British people's teeth are yellow.

The British spell everything right. Well, until those American came along and jolly well stole our language! And because they're lazy, those Yanks took out all the "u"'s in our beautiful language.

The exception to the British Language are people from Liverpool; known as scousers who exaggerate their vowels and speak as if there is a rat stuck in their throat

British Newspapers Edit

British have variety of newspapers; broadsheets, berliner-formats and the tabloids. Here are the Lists of them :

{{1. The Times 2. The Daily Telegraph 3. The Guardian 4. The Independent 5. Daily Mail 6. The Sun 7. Daily Mirror 8. Daily Star 9. Financial Times }}

There are more British National and Local newspapers other than what is on this List.

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