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Great Supreme Court Decision or The Greatest Supreme Court Decision?

Bush v. Gore is the greatest Supreme Court decision ever made. Al Gore, the democratic candidate for President of the United States tried to hinder God's will by challenging the 2000 Presidential Election results.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court was not fooled by Gore's Satanic attempt to thwart God's will; no, these heroes proved their elect status as God's own arbiters in this most important question of the democratic election process by eschewing the election process and pronouncing God's will directly. Under the holy protection of men like Justice Antonin Scalia, America need never fear Satan's corrupting influence on her election process again.

When the Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of our beloved President Bush in Bush v. Gore they established an important precedent for the superiority of God's candidate over the outdated, bureaucratic, this-worldly thinking of the Vote-Countinistas. Hallelujah!