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Business Casual Edit

"Business casual," or "biz caz," is a clothing style that was foisted into the mainstream of American business offices during the early 1990s. The trend was started by the left leaning, East Coast, Ivy-League, Tim Robbins types of the world in an effort to discredit everything Ronald Reagan brought to America during the 1980s. Business men and women were forced to trade in their stylish pant suits and sports coats for barbaric loin cloths and garter belts in an effort to create a more "relaxed atmosphere" in the work place. "Relaxed atmosphere" being just another term for passing the water bong around at lunchtime and engaging in casual sex in the break room.

Example of business casual in 1985 during the Regan years.

Background Edit

Its beginnings truly started in the 1980s with "Casual Friday's." Friday was the one day of the week it was ok to loosen the collar because, as Loverboy put it, everybody was just workin' for the weekend. The boss could take off the tie and dress down into his or her favorite Polo shirt and Dockers - a fashion statement to the entire office, letting everyone know, "Hey, I got a tee time at noon, then I'm tippin' back a few Arnold Palmers on my yacht in the Hamptons - with Arnold Palmer. See you on Monday minions! Don’t bother callin’ the cell."

But eventually, the Casual Friday would take on a life of its own as the secularist Silicon Valley launched a Jihad on work wear and the "business casual" lifestyle would soon infiltrate offices around America, forever changing the once weekly, once holy, tradition of Casual Friday. This trend of course only gained further momentum when the Clinton-Gore Administration took over in 1992.

The Decline (1992 - Today)Edit


Example of business casual in 1995 during the Clinton years.

Minimum wage increases and tax hikes instilled on the American public by Bill Clinton reversed the overwhelming success of trickle down economics of the Regan Administration. The entire country was reduced to fend for themselves, passing up the Men's Warehouse and heading into the hell hole that is Montgomery Wards and Sears & Roebuck. Soon, no longer was there a Casual Friday, instead it was a casual work week.

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