C Desk
is an essential component of
The Colbert Report studio atop the Statue of Liberty


Stephen leaves C Desk for an interview


Standing near, yet not touching but pushing gay is Bobby, Stephen's stage manager.

The C Desk is the world center and prime anchor desk of truthiness. It's located smack dab in the center-right of the Eagle's Nest.

Stephen sits within the confines of this comfy "C"-shaped desk during most of the Colbert Report. He leaves it, to the delight of the audience, only when he moves stage-left (of course) to the Axe Body Spray Interview Zone where he nails a guest.

On a few rare occasions, a guest has been granted the rare privilege of sitting next to Stephen in an honored spot at the C Desk. Jon Stewart, George Lucas, Andrew Sullivan, John Hall, and Elizabeth de la Vega have been given that rare opportunity.

The extraordinary privilege, along with a wingback chair to sit in, was also offered to lily-livered Senator Joe Lieberman who unaccountably refused.

Bobby, the Report's stage manager, stands near the C Desk but is not allowed to touch it or step onto its pedestal.


Stephen in the center-right of the C Desk

Cronkite originsEdit

Countless critics have noted that the anchor desk used by old-time CBS anchor Walter Cronkite was also shaped like a "C". Even though Cronkite was a founder of the liberal media, he was widely respected in his benighted day. (That was when Fox was only making monster movies and hadn't yet shown the world how news should be done.)

Dr Colbert is thought to have adopted the "C" shape partly because he is today's most respected anchor, but without Cronkite's Cut-and-runnyness.

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The C Desk lonely and empty without Dr. Colbert

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