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Despite what you may have heard
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Caging (verb)

  1. to trap a savage and/or illegal beast in order to protect what is sacred from it.
  2. a harmless term used in the direct mail industry
  3. the false and politically-motivated misrepresentation of a harmless term to make someone else look bad; a pure linguistic invention of the factonistas hell-bent on destroying the reputation of good Americans in their never-ending quest to flush America and everything about her down a toilet so she can wallow in a pool of liberal filth while Nancy Pelosi throws aborted fetuses at her.
  4. better yet, caging doesn't exist, even for the direct mail industry; the letters c-a-g-i-n-g don't even exist in the American language, so just stop asking about it.


  • entrapment
  • voter suppression

Example sentence:

Timothy Griffin and Karl Rove did not use caging techniques to keep African American soldiers in Iraq from voting.

In Conclusion...Edit

If you feel yourself about to vote for liberals, do not despair! America's Party will be sending out voter registration postcards, fliers and absentee ballots to every dark neighborhood in America! Not in person, of course, let the mailman do that!

The mail will be sent to houses that are in foreclosure as well!

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