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Keep smiling and don't make any sudden movements.
By watching you, we're protecting you.

A censor is a diminutive gnome-like creature. there are two varieties of censors, internet and television/movie censors:

Internet CensorEdit

scientific name: Family: Censorshius Genus: Interneticus these come in two speicies: Interneticus Wordularius and Interneticus Anti-obsceneicus-sceneicus All internet censors are perverted creatures with nothing better to do than watch children try to access online magazines (National Geographic) with dirty pictures.

Internet Word Censor Edit

Interneticus Wordularius a.k.a. IWC (pron. eeeewwwwkkkk)

IWCs have spider-like fingers and large bulbous eyes which allow them to quickly read and delete any obscenity. Science has yet to compile a list of obscene words as the IWCs have already infiltrated all educational facilities and businesses. However, here are some words which may slip through:


Note: If you see only asterisks above, it is possible your brain has been infected with the virus form of censor: please call ***-***-**** for them to be removed.

Internet Picture Censors Edit

Interneticus Anti-obsceneicus-sceneicus a.k.a. IAOS IAOSs have very large eyes and small thumbs the eyes are used to see obscene-scenes (hence there name) quickly, and the thumbs are there for show (to show what no body knows). Not much is known about IAOSs as far appearance goes except for there thumbs and eyes as the rest of their bodies are pixilated for fear of insulting any groups perception of modesty.

Movie Censors Edit

scientific name: genus: movieulus (pron. I'm watching you icus) species: imwatchingyouicus These Censors come in only one species with variations from language to language. they have large eyes and ears as well as long fingers and green tongues. these attributes allow them to hear bad words before anyone else and produce a green monotone at the same time; as well as see obscene had gestures coming a pixilate the naughty persons hand before it even resembles an obscenity.

Relations With Other Sentient Species Edit

  • humans: all censors live in harmony with real americans.
  • left-wing liberals: lwls don't normaly like censors talking about things like free *speech and freedom of press.
  • wookiees: there are currently no censors living on kashyyyk.
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