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Stephen Colbert supports freedom in all its forms, and so nothing is more anathema to him than the violation of one of America's most fundamental freedoms: the freedom of speech. Colbert's opposition to censorship is so extreme that he refuses to be constrained by Comedy Central's (already loose) decency standards: On the rare occasion Stephen chooses to use foul language, he actually vocalizes a monotone "bleep" noise that, to unsuspecting viewers, is indistinguishable from television censorship.

Truthiness and CensorshipEdit

Stephen is the world's recognized foremost authority on all that is truthy. As such, he does not consider alterations to a person's speech to be censorship if that adjustment brings America toward truthiness.

It is Stephen's firm (very firm) belief that the means toward truthiness justifies the end: truthiness. Just as The Greatest President--EVER! does not see torture or what some may lable "torture", as the "wrong" means to a just end (Jack Bauer's success), Stephen does not see the correct use of American as censorship per se, but as a re-orientation toward the betterment of all man-kind (truthiness).

What The Hell Does That Mean?Edit

That just means Stephen approves of "censorship" as long as it brings everyone that much closer to truthiness.


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