Charles Kaiser
has been a guest of The Colbert Report
and got nailed in the process

July 25, 2007



written history of gay culture since 1940's

how could it last so long when they cannot reproduce

"The Gay Metropololis"

is there is a gay superman

and a gay kryptonite

gay people thrive in NYC??

critical mass

like a nuculer bomb, very dangerous

black people and gay people are not the same thing

more intersting than str8 white people

claims gay people have contributed to gay culture

West Side Story there is no way that was gay

Jerome Robins was not gay!

Rita Moreno was only one in cast who was not gay

SC cannot stereotype because he's not gay

why be open about gayness??

it's okay for him to be bigoted against repub congressman and leaders of mega churches

WW2 made people gay

if gays stay on the farm they wont come out

libel against dead people is illegal

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