Christ's Razor
is a Truthiness Crusader!
God Touching Adam
"Christ's Razor"
you have been touched in a very special way.
Baby Jesus
Christ's Razor
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!
Republican jesus

Jesus and his neatly trimmed Christian beard ready to wield his razor to trim the sails of heretics.

Christ's Razor is God's Blade Trinity used by Heros to shave off their sin stubble leaving a shave so close you'd think it was a Baby Jesus's bottom! Christ's razor also provides two lubricating strips of love and forgiveness to soothe one from logical accountability.

However, unlike other razors, Christ's razor is not disposable. Like Christ himself, his razor returns to its full glory after three days resting in a cave. For a full resurrection, check with your local drug store.

What the Razor is needed forEdit

  • Deriving an ought from an is.
  • Making circularity holy and righteous.
  • Cause and effect when it comes to an omnipowerful God.
  • Shaving off the use of the brain and replacing it with the use of the gut and heart (the places where God communicates with you).
  • Shaving off the need for books other than the Bible and gut/Bible related books.
  • Shaving off the need for rational discussion when it comes to the supernatural and whether or not it's even a coherent concept.
  • Shaving off the burden of proof and placing it on the heathen.

Beware Of CounterfeitsEdit

Many people try to pass off fakes of Christ's razor. Disreputable salesmen will say that Christ's razor will suddenly appear on toast; it does not.

Do not be fooled.

And above all don't tell Dr. Francis S. Collins about this he may throws some scary Bible stuff at us.

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