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Baby Jesus
Christian Christmas Gifts
Makes The Baby Jesus™ Happy
And that Makes Stephen happy, too!

These are gifts that The Baby Jesus would give to you, if he didn't keep them for himself.

Add your gift suggestions below...

Left Behind Video GameEdit

Baby Jesus Baby Jesus Baby Jesus Baby Jesus
4 Baby Jesiis.
Extra points for violence toward non-believers! Hallelujah!

Left Behind Video Game

Holy Huggable DollsEdit

Baby Jesus Baby Jesus
2 Baby Jesiis.

Show Jesus how much you love him, by idolizing his graven image!

The collection does not include a Mohammed doll not because we are afraid of their threats or because they say we can't show his face, but because any child who plays with a Mohammed doll will go directly to hell as soon as he touches the doll.

It only gets 2 Baby Jesiis, because it encourages hugging, which is really gay.

Holy Huggable Dolls

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