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Christian Missionaries
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Christian Missionaries are God's Warriors, except they are not combatants and they don't put up arms. They would rather convert their enemy instead of killing them. They have declared war on poverty, illiteracy, and in the case of true Christians (see:Catholics birth-control.

Countries Supplying Christians Edit

The number one country that supply Christian Missionaries around the world is United States of America (we're #1!). This is followed by the Free Korea, and the Vatican City.

War on Poverty Edit

Tons of aid workers has been sent to Afghanistan to rebuild the country. The most notable Christian group is the Red Cross. Understandably the Red Cross painted a big Red Crescent over the Red Cross to avoid being shot at by Islamic militant. Furthermore, the rumor of various Christian Missionaries including the South Koreans leaving Afghanistan by the year end is completely false. Everyone knows that they are just in the process of painting Crescent design over their Cross design to continue their work there. Reports of their departure is only a creation of the Liberal media.

War on Birth Control Edit

Using condoms make Baby Jesus cry, so real Christian Missionaries fought the use of condoms as a AIDS-preventive measure in Africa.

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