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Avery C. Gordon, otherwise known as Avery, is a character shrouded in mystery. Originally the webmaster of the Colbert Nation, as well as administrator of the Colboard Message Boards, Avery became known throughout the land for his wonderful paint pictures, and complete absense from the messageboards.

Just as Stephen lost his God-Given right to run in the South Carolina democratic primary election, however, Avery was hit in the head with a copy of I am America and So Can You!, and was knocked into a coma. The website and forums fell into disrepair soon after.

However, in early April 2008, Avery started to once again post on the Colbert Nation blog, assuring the loyal fans that he not only woke from the coma, but grew 6 inches, lost 15 pounds, and was cured of all physcial ailments. However, in one cryptic post, he called himself the FORMER webmaster, leaving the Colbert Nation once again in a fog of confusion.

soon after that Avery began to mate with Aegisknight to create the Dexter sinister.

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